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Jorge Padron is a legend in the world of cigars. In May 2019 he paid a visit to Maker’s Craft Brewery, a brand new brewery and cigar shop near downtown Norfolk, VA.


Animated Explainer | Workflow by Decisions

This video serves as a rapid mini-demo for a complex piece of software. The goal is to generate more web demos not replace them. The video gives just enough info to leave the web visitor wanting more.



who is david lawrence?

David Lawrence is a top-ten coin dealer nationwide. This Brand ID video uses cinematic visuals to capture the wonder of a rare coin.

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The Trusted Name for Rare Coin and Currency Pricing

Since 1963, Greysheet has provided baseline pricing for rare coin and currency collectors. This Brand ID video focuses on their history and philosophy as a company.


what we offer

Video is the next-best-thing to an in-person meeting and it has the power to make your audience feel something about your company. It's important to get it right. How do you balance fun with sincerety, or nostalgia with forward thinking?

Whether you're a Fortune 500 or a small non-profit,
our team can get it done.


Script Writing

We can help you refine your own idea or come up with something completely new. Our writers are professional communicators that can handle any topic.


Cinema-Quality Production

We use UHD cameras to deliver stunning visuals. Time-lapse, slow motion, and gimbal operation are in our sweet spot.


sound design

Good sound is just as important as good video. We record native sound on-set and offer voice talent, original soundtracks, and audio engineering.


editing & animation

When the shooting ends, our work is just beginning. Our editing suite includes color correction, audio mastering, and 2D or 3D animation.


what we bring to the table

Our substantial experience means we're ready to take on your challenge. Technology, real estate, publishing, health care, non-profit, sports, vocational training—we’ll take time to understand your specific business goals and help you accomplish them.



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